Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Classes

with Einav

Prenatal Yoga –
Yoga for Pregnant Women

Whether you have trained before, or it’s your very first yoga class, you are welcome to practice prenatal yoga during all pregnancy stages, even before the end of your first trimester.

Our Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga combine Vijñāna Yoga and ViniYoga practices personally tailored to meet individual needs or preferences. The practice works with the body and supports your pregnancy including all changes that occur during this special time.

Class starts with silent sitting and inspirational text. Being in tune with your body is an important part of the process. As your pregnancy develops, in each class you might need different things and this is the time to share with me and others your well-being and needs. Breathing exercises designated for pregnant women and the Prenatal Yoga Asanas that follow will support your birth plan and additional preparations. In all classes we will work on firming, connecting, grounding, nurturing, and correcting posture, and lengthening the muscles of your body. You will learn how to ease pain and discomfort in the body during your pregnancy and as preparation for childbirth, including postnatal care.  

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga classes are designed to strengthen you physically and emotionally and prepare you for the act of giving birth and meeting your baby.

Class duration is an hour and fifteen minutes.
We meet together once a week.

Postnatal Yoga –
Yoga for Women After Birth

Practicing Postpartum Yoga for women is encouraged after your initial postpartum recovery time and Gynecologist check-up.

Whether you have practiced Yoga regularly before or it’s your first time, you have much to gain. Practice is done gradually step by step enhance and support pelvic muscle rehabilitation and abdominal muscles (mainly transverse abdominis), including loosening and strengthening muscles of the shoulder region as preparation to carry your growing baby, outside of your body’s center of gravity.

Emphasis is also placed on finding your own inner peace in a time where attention is always drawn outwards to your captivating and energetic newborn, in order to enhance your emotional and mental balance as a woman and mother.

Classes are given in our Tranquility Studio & Clinic in Praia da Luz.

Class duration is an hour and fifteen minutes.
We meet together once a week.

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