In my Clinic

The First Treatment

The objective of the first treatment in the clinic is to accomplish a diagnosis. This is done by pleasant conversation, some mutual detective work, facial diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and radial pulse (on the wrist) diagnosis.

This process will enable me to integrate many pieces of information into an holistic overview, establishing your constitution, your strengths and weaknesses, diagnosing your medical conditions and the root cause for them, and the quality of your digestion, which will all be explained to you in an easy to understand, natural, practical way, that will make perfect sense.

I have been polishing my diagnosis skills over the last 20 years to give you a special experience, which often makes people “click” with understanding. Questioning and all other parts of the diagnosis process continue every session, in different degree of depth and from different angles, yet the first treatment is dedicated to diagnosis.

The first treatment may or may not include acupuncture. This depends on the dynamics of the diagnosis process, although most of the time, an acupuncture treatment does take place in this treatment.

The cost of the first treatment is 80 Euros, and it is scheduled for one hour

The Second and all Following Treatments

After a diagnosis has been established, a treatment strategy is formed and manifested with several therapeutic tools, which are; counseling, detailed lifestyle and nutritional guidance, acupuncture and medicinal herb formulations.

These tools are applied in the clinic in the order that will best benefit the person and the healing process.

The healing processes may be short, a few sessions only, or longer, depending on the issues and needs of the person.

Usually, the frequency of treatment is every 1-2 weeks, and in long term processes, a treatment takes place every 3-4 weeks.

The cost of the second treatment and every following treatment is 50 Euros, and it is scheduled for one hour

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