The Book

Health Dynamics book is the culmination of years of study, practice and experience, formed into a logical, explainable system, that will offer you a personalized program for attaining your best health.

If you are suffering from health issues; disappointed by a narrow diagnosis that has not revealed the root cause of your conditions; tired of symptomatic treatments that provide average results; confused by the diversity and contradiction between numerous lifestyle and diet approaches; eager to help yourself but stressed about what will serve you best?

Health Dynamics will save you from most that desperation and trouble, by teaching you the simple secrets of holistic diagnosis, that will explain all your symptoms, reveal your basic constitution, your root vulnerabilities, your super powers, and provide an overarching healing strategy that addresses your mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Health Dynamics system integrates modern science and common sense, along with the genius approach of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine for individual healthcare, by making simple adjustments to your routine and diet, yet specific to your personal constitution and medical condition, so you gain superior health and well-being. Instead of embarking on drastic unsustainable changes, health dynamics offers you gentle and precise changes, that are easy to implement, long lasting and will help you accomplish all of your life goals. Health Dynamics approach will make you: 

    • Happy
    • Flexible in body and mind
    • Calm
    • Energetic
    • Focused
    • Productive
    • Consistent
    • Physically resistant
    • Digestive wise strong
    • Feel beautiful and grateful on a daily basis!


    The book is also available at our new studio and clinic – Tranquility – in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

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