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HHR website is also my online service for creating individual healing programs over the web, and is my way of sharing what I believe is elementary knowledge for a healthy life, to a wider circle than my family and private practice.

After years of practice and helping out many thousands of patients in my private clinic, I was struck by the idea of expanding my services online with the intention to help people through a one on one system but also to create a wider impact for sharing my medical experience, resulting with Holistic Healing Resolutions website, HHR club and HHR diagnosis and treatment program.

I believe a healthy mind and body are the foundation for self-fulfillment and for each one’s unique contribution of making the world a better place, connecting what seems as separation into an infinite unity.

Discovering your individual dynamic harmony, increasing your health, vitality and wellbeing, could be confusing in a world of contradicting opinions for what is healthy and what is ill hazarded.

Many different opinions, occasionally very determined, are offered to the public. Some may be beneficial for certain conditions, but most represent a certain agenda, claiming healthy or unhealthy for all.

What is good and what is bad? Is vegan the way to go? Or maybe vegetarian is better? What about Paleo? Yes or no for carbs? Dairy? Concentrated sweeteners? Raw food? Purging plans? Gluten?

In most cases, my answer would be – it depends. Depends for whom.

Instead of judging good or bad, replace the question: appropriate or not, for whom and under what circumstances.

For example, dairy and gluten have been largely under attack for the last few years. Are they totally bad for health for everyone at all times? Well, as in love, so in medicine, never or always do not exist. There will be people who by cleverly consuming these items will enjoy a great benefit for their health, while others should avoid them in order to maintain health. This is true not only for food items, but for all aspects of life such as sleeping hours, physical exercise, sex, alcohol consumption, social habits, recreational activities, working style and many more.

Answering the question, what is appropriate for me? And collaborating with the answer will result in the desirable dynamic harmony and a healthy and happier life. Among other options, the answers are available here on HHR, cleverly constructed to help you resolve your health concerns.

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