Private Yoga Sessions

with Einav

For people who need special attention, or for pre and postnatal women.

“One of the things that excite me the most is to meet you in person, and work with you on what you need, listen with you to your body and build together a personalized practice that best accommodates your present condition.”

Einav Feit – Vijnana Yoga

“There are no rules that apply to the place or nature of where our practice start… We begin to practice from the place that we are at, as we are, and what happens, happens.”

Heart of Yoga, practice and development of personal yoga, T. K. V. Desikachar.

Private classes: Childbirth preparation classes for my students of Prenatal Yoga; post labor rehabilitation.

The private lesson is held in my studio Tranquility, in Praia da Luz. Lesson duration is an hour and fifteen minutes.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Have you been practicing yoga during the last couple of years only online?

After such a long period of time that you were not seen by a yoga teacher, now is the time to get some personal touch and care regarding your practice.

If you want to practice and be seen, recieve some adjustments, be more accurate and precise for your needs, you can book a private one on one class with me.

Whether you’re on vacation or you live here, let’s meet on the mat…

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